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"Self guided" tours all over Estonia!

Our goal is to offer you experiences and emotions. We give you the opportunity to get to know the local life, attractions and simply enjoy the great views in Estonia.

You don't have to worry about information overload - we don't take you to a lecture, but to enjoy the beauty and charm of Estonia.

Not only "eye candy" but something for sense of taste as well!

Organization, materials, car with driver and much more by us - only good mood and enjoyment from You! 


NB! The service is not only for foreign guests, but also for locals who would like to see, but do not bother to do the preliminary work. We will do it for You!
Tours all over Estonia
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  • Tour 1 – Tallinn – Jägala – Tallinn: Duration 3h. In total will be visited at least 7 beautiful places and nice sights in the direction Tallinn - Jägala - Tallinn, the most important of which is the Jägala waterfall.
  • Tour 2 – Tallinn – Laulasmaa (-Tallinn): Duration 3h. In total will be visited at least 7 beautiful places and nice sights in the direction Tallinn - Laulasmaa. The most important is the Keila waterfall. There are also option to end the tour in Tallinn (+1h).
  • Tour 3 – Tallinn – Viimsi – Tallinn: Duration 3h. In total will be visited at least 7 beautiful places and nice sights in the direction Tallinn - Viimsi-Tallinn.

If you didn't find the one that suits you, please fill out the "Create your own tour" form and we will create a tour that suits your needs. 


SELF GUIDED TOUR means (for us) that we do everything for you and don't talk too much (no one remembers the long talk of the guides). Just important facts, printed materials and of course additional information as You pass by. If You do not have someone who “read material” we will offer that option also. It would be a local who loves his job and will tell you what is important ( at the moment only in English).

We are locals and are fans of Estonia! We have been "internal tourists" ourselves for many years, and we know what WE would expect. We are a little different, but Estonians at heart and people who share a culture. If the value of family is to introduce our life, is there something "wrong" with this family? 

We offer foreign guests a pure emotions! This is not just tourists map tour with a few known places but lot more. Some of the places we show You is not added to the map and we tell You real story about everything.

We want to show You beauty, charm and pain! We are still alive! Let's summarize what would be interesting to a foreigner, but new to a local. Of course, we will give You printed materials about the places You will visiting (Someone has to read it out loud) so that You know where You are going and what You plan to visit during the tour. And You can show all the material when You tell Your friends later what You had seen (you don't have to remember everything that was said).

For us is "SGT“ something pleasant, with "eye candy" and lots of emotions and without superabundant information.  

It's not a "they are a tourists and we won't see them anymore" package, but WE LOVE OUR JOB and OUR COUNTRY! And we hope to see You again!

What we offer?              

Don't expect that a fast course with five sights, with a meaningless story, will be a end of the day for You!

We love what we do!

Tallin is the north point of the Estonia. And from here we move on to: south, east, west, northeast, southeast, southwest, read, etc. We present only a small selection of packages. If you want something more, we are waiting for your thoughts: Our goal is not "mass product" but special emotions just for You.

You can order a transfer service in advance upon your arrival.

We show You real Estonia!

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